We are an youth for youth association who want to make things better for people and communities by involvment.

The biggest victories come from the first step.

A4ACTION was born out of our need to give to young people the desire to grow nicely and to develop beautiful things, to learn the best of what others did and to teach others what we know better. Our vision is that of a better Romania in which young people are valued. That is why, through everything we do, we promote non-formal learning and volunteering as a way of personal development for young people.

Each year comes with many challenges, both locally and regionally, as well as internationally. Thus our work is adapting to young people needs. Besides our own projects, we are also involved in the “Together for Ilfov” initiative, whose purpose is to develop Ilfov County through non-formal education programs developed in partnership with the active NGOs in the county. We are also part of the “Youth Affairs Council” conducted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the VOLUME Federation. Taking these issues into account, we have proposed the following directions of activity:

Activities at the Youth Center

Within the winter program of the A4ACTION Youth Center, we run daily activities with the childrens and young people enrolled: homeworks, upcycling workshops, comics workshops, english lessons. The activities are coordinated by our volunteers.

EVS Project "The Next Generation"

During this period we run a complex project with the Geo Club Association. Through this project we offered to 6 young people from Italy, Spain and Poland the opportunity to come to Ilfov. They work with young people and children in Snagov, along with our facilitators, using non-formal education techniques, the result being activities basrd on learning-by-doing and learning-to-learn principles.